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Data Acquisition Pipelines

Consolidation and normalization of raw data


The essence of the Comfiz Platform is to design data enrichment scenarios. Based on data acquisition and data transformation pipelines, these scenarios give machine learning and IT teams the capacity to work together to extract and consolidate raw data and to transform them into high value features that will ease the whole machine learning process (from research and models design to models deployment in production).

Comfiz Smart Data Layer

Big Data

  • Silos
  • Low quality
  • High volume
  • Heterogeneous
  • Unstructured
  • Poor value for AI
  • Complex to handle

Smart Data

  • AI-optimized Master Data
  • Unified & Lean
  • High Business Value
  • Data Scientist friendly (features)
  • IT friendly (code, processes)
  • Semantic / Ontology